Starrtup Blockchain offers variety of services to clients on trainings and consulting.

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As Startup Blockchain; we offer detailed training program for participants to give information about growing Blockchain Technology. The target group of this trainings are white collar workers, blockchain enthusiasts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, ICO teams, startups, traders, investors, IT lawyers and so on. With these trainings we aim to give detailed trainings on the field of basic Blockchain knowledge, cryptocurrencies, ICO, smart contracts, cryptocurrency mining, whitepaper examination, blockchain commerce and investments, tax and legal aspects of Blockchain. We believe these trainings will guide you to follow the growing Blockchain ecosystem correctly. It is designed not only to be a technology based training in this field but also to give you answers in terms of legal and taxation.

  • Cyptocurrencies for Everyone

  • Applied Smart Contracts, ICO and Whitepaper Training

  • Cryptocurrency Commerce and Investments

  • Blockchain Law

  • Basic Blockchain Training for Everyone

  • Cryptocurrency Mining and Cryptocurrency Security

  • Taxation of Blockchain Related Subjects


BLOCKCHAIN consultancy

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The experts of Startup Blockchain will guide you to set up your initial steps to the ecosystem with the following topics;

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BLOCKCHAIN Legal Consultancy

In the context of a detailed preliminary study of how to proceed with the legal basis of the Blockchain-based project, a number of services are provided, including the establishment of the necessary consultancy and infrastructure for the operators of cryptocurrency exchanges, service providers However, the legal structure necessary for the initial public offerings (ICOs) is also provided.


  • Terms and Conditions / Token Agreements
  • Whitepaper examination
  • KYC and AML
  • Privacy Policy
  • Smart Contracts
  • Escrow Consultancy
  • Commercial Contracts Services
  • Cookie Policy
  • Legal Reports Services






  • Services for the analysis of projects such as whether they are compatible with Blockchain technology or how they can be adapted,
  • Detailing why Blockchain Technology is needed
  • Guidance for projects that need software support

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Our services contain launch of the project locally or globally, constructing the platforms and processes which will be held in strategy in advertising and promotional activities include work relating to the determination.

  • Determination of Sponsors
  • Preparation of promotional materials / Creation of contents
  • How to run ads on Social Media and other platforms
  • Organizational / Logistic support
  • Participation of the team in conferences, seminars and events
  • Establishing media links in the Blockchain ecosystem



Consultancy services are provided for ICO projects which are attracting attention with their characteristics similar to IPO Projects. In recent years, an unique economic area has been born where cryptocurrencies are used frequently and people make money transfers without borders or mediator. In this new ecosystem, entrepreneurs present project ideas that will target their projects to cryptocurrencies, tokens and services. The fact that the decentralized system generates some question marks requires the projects to be presented in a reliable, transparent, beneficial, profitable and credible way to receive support. In order to prepare and analyze the most important elements of an ICO Project in an appropriate manner, our expert team offers a guidance service that will enable you to get the right ICO with 4T titled services.

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Preperation and examination of whitepaper is one of the most significant need for the projects before launcing the ICO. The whitepaper of the ICO project must be planned in such a way as to be a summary of all the works project would achieve in the process and to answer all the questions of your investors.As StartupBlockchain Team, we will review your whitepaper and make the necessary corrections. The most important topics to be included in whitepaper are listed as 4T services. It should be ensured that a summary of the project by first setting a theme and then the other T's in detailing this project should be made available.

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It is very important for your ICO and project to establish a team with appropriate criteria in harmony with your selected theme. Your team will provide added value to your ICO project, such as with their experience, what would be their function in project in relation to your theme. Having experienced people in your team in accordance with 4T is one of the most important indicators of what you can accomplish. The following headings vary according to the products and services the project produces.


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It is one of the most important opportunities of Blockchain technology to be realized between the two sides and not to need a central system. It is obvious that this opportunity constitutes the most basic building block in ICO projects. Whether or not the project is compatible with Blockchain technology is an important criterion that technology provides added value. How much isthis technology needed in the projected Blockchain, and what would be your contribution to this ecosystem, will be analyzed correctly and converted into a Blockchain based project. The technical details of the product must be explained clearly in order to answer all questions. You need to determine which Blockchain technology you will use for ICO. Is P2P or Ethereum's Smart Contract? You will have technical questions such as the OP consensus algorithm, which is appropriate for the open-source POW mechanism, and your technology analysis for the correct placement of these concepts.

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As financial part of your ICO, the kind of Token should be selected according to definition of the project. The definition of the product, the technical details, and the financially accurate transfer of it to the investor takes place with a correctly tracked road map.

On this roadmap, token types are mainly carrying a service quality. We can use it to access a service provided by the service that Token supports. The tokens are placed in ICO projects in accordance with Blockchain technology. Different types of Tokens are used in the projects and the type of tokens are determined according to the service type. It is important that you develop an idea in accordance with which token model such as Utility and Security Tokens.

It is important for the ICO Projects that the headings mentioned above are formed in a complete manner. You will need to express the product investor in a way that is simple and not complex. Our team will ensure that you will be ready to be presented in the appropriate venues by establishing a legal infrastructure and determining the correct promotion strategy, in accordance with the technology of Blockchain, how to handle the product as Token.


If you need the above services in line with the requirements of your project, you can fill the contact form or you may contact us by calling us.